labelbuddy is a Graphical User Interface tool for annotating documents — for example for Named Entity Recognition or document classification.

To get started, install labelbuddy, and have a look at the documentation. You can also see some screenshots.

labelbuddy is open-source, and the source code is hosted on GitHub.

labelbuddy was created to support text-mining and meta-analysis research projects in the ORIGAMI lab at McGill University. It should be suitable for a wide variety of text annotation projects.

Some features of labelbuddy
  • Open source. It is completely free and always will be.

  • Easy to install. Install labelbuddy in less than 2 minutes on Linux, Windows or MacOS. No docker containers, nothing to configure — start labelling right away!

  • Sequence labelling with predefined labels or free-form annotations. A simple interface and keyboard shortcuts help annotate documents quickly.

  • Overlapping annotations are supported.

  • Simple file formats to import your data from. Choose between JSON, CSV, JSON lines, XML, or plain text. Export your annotations to these same formats.

  • Native application — not a web application running on a server. An annotation database is a single ordinary file. Data can be imported and exported with a command-line interface.