I am a post-doc in computer science at the Montreal Neurological Institute since February, 2020. I am working with JB Poline and Gaël Varoquaux. We investigate the generalization of machine learning-based biomarkers on the UKBiobank. I am interested in machine learning, (bio)statistics and computational neuroscience.

During my thesis, I worked on statistical methods and predictive models for large-scale automated analysis of the neuroscience scientific literature. I was part of the Parietal team at INRIA, and I worked under the supervision of Fabian Suchanek (from Télécom ParisTech), Gaël Varoquaux and Bertrand Thirion.

Contact: <jerome@dockes.org>

GitHub account — I am one of the maintainers of Nilearn; I also developped and maintain NeuroQuery with Romain Primet and Hande Gözükan, as well as labelbuddy.


OpenPGP public key: rsa4096/BB047DAC040B35F4 — fingerprint .